Empowering Youth to Develop Democracy without Violence in Indonesia

This project focuses on reducing violent conflicts and on consolidating democracy in Indonesia. It will target young people in Jakarta, Makassar, and Papua, as youths are the drivers of change for the future of democracy in the country. The project aims to achieve three outcomes, namely: 

1) the establishment of an information tool for preventing religious, political, and social-based conflicts; 

2) capacity building of youth organizations to make them equipped and highly committed to achieve tolerance, democracy, and peace; 

3) inclusion of youth communities in deliberative forums and other mechanism to reduce the use of violence by channeling aspiration and by preventing and resolving violent conflicts. 

To achieve these outcomes, the project will conduct a conflict mapping exercise and a baseline study, develop the Youth Conflict Early Warning System (YCEWS) and establish the Youth Conflict Prevention Information Centers. Then the project will train 60 youth leaders from 30 youth organizations on monitoring and prevention of violent conflicts by using the developed tools and enabling them to monitor, prevent, and mitigate the conflicts in their communities. The youth will also participate in thematic discussions, and conduct on-line and physical campaigns on conflict prevention. The Institute for Social and Economic Research, Education and Information (LP3ES) will implement this project in partnership with the Masagena Center Institute in Makassar and the Ilalang Papua Institute in Papua.